The Belau Transfer and Terminal Company (B.T.&.T.Co.) a wholly Palauan owned corporation, was established in August of 1971 by grassroots led by Kuniwo Nakamura, now Chairman & CEO of B.T.&.T.Co. Group and affiliates. The humble beginning spearheaded the stevedoring services to unload and load bulk and loose cargoes from the arriving ship at then the Malakal dock, and has evolved as the Commercial Seaport of Palau.


The B.T.&.T.Co. has diversified into a group of companies: as port facility administrator of Commercial Seaport of Palau, stevedoring services, shipping agent, ramp services provider since the inceptions of Palau International Airport and as the local based ground handling provider at PTRO/ROR, and affiliated company BASCO acting as an aviation security screening provider at Palau International Airport. The BT&TCo then extended to other revenue centers, restaurants, apartment building, shipyard, lumber retail, laundry services, etc.


The BT&TCo Group, a corporation and a vision for a global competitiveness, with unwavering Palauan pride pioneering seaport and airport services in Palau, mindful of its vital role in protecting the pristine community and its sustainability.


Our Mission

To continue the progressive seaport operations, globally competitive ground handling services, steadfast aviation security screening services, and over-all optimistic business mindset, spearheaded by our timely customer services and our camaraderie with all stakeholders. We forefront our commitment to provide internationally recognized quality of services while promoting the over-all integrity of our very own community and our region.


Our Vision

To be consistent in our role as the locally based provider with international quality of services at Palau Commercial Seaport, Palau International Airport and in the over-all business society. To be superior in the business, surpassing customers’ satisfaction and furthering the common goal of long term business success.